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Massage by Elliott

Massage by Elliott
Elliott Challandes

Springfield, IL

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I offer an East-Asian style of massage called Shiastu, which is akin to acupressure. Shiatsu is a true holistic therapy that combines the Western perspective of muscles and fascia with the Eastern philosophy of energy and channels. It is flowing, improvisational and rhythmic, alternating between gentle stretches and strong acupressure point-treatment to stagnation, increase blood and fluid flow, all while allowing the body to open and expand -- bringing the body back into equilibrium that is necessary for optimal performance.

I often combine shiatsu technique with a soothing Swedish massage for a deeper sense of relaxation, nourishment and .

I have over 5 years experience working with all types of men from various backgrounds and orientations. My professional studio is inviting, relaxed and private.

Allow me to use my warm healing hands to give you an hour that is wholly focused on you.