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Professional Male CMT MASSEUR in Palm Springs.

 Professional Male CMT MASSEUR in Palm Springs.
Craig Bruce
760 883-0571

Sunrise & Mesquite
Palm Springs, CA

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Specializing in Relaxing Massages for Male Clients

I am a PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED masseur based in Palm Springs. I have done hundreds of male massages over a 30-year period. I am also a former graduate and instructor with the in Oakland Ca. I am very intuitive and always attempt to ensure that my clients receive the best possible massage.

STYLES. RELAXATION MASSAGE. This style uses a variety and massage techniques that aims to relax, stretch and improve the flexibility of muscles. You will determine the pressure used. I listen to what your massage needs are to ensure overall faction. DEEP TISSUE, Swedish massage techniques to ensure that the deeper muscle layers are reached, which is often the cause of longer term muscle pain and tightness. Correct massaging techniques can deal with pain and tension in both the short term and long-term. A relaxed comfort is maintained throughout the process. I use a organic coconut oil in warm private setting.

My goal is for each client to feel a sense of healing and deep relaxation at the end of every . I also teach meditation relaxation techniques that can be incorporated into a massage appointment if so desired.

COST. $70- for an hour or $90 - for 1.5 hours for in calls.
Call / Text 760 883-0571