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Massage by Kirby

Massage by Kirby
Kirby Kirby

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Hi thank you for the interest! I provide a RELAXING experience. I use my body against your body to very gently stretch you're muscles from feet to you're neck. I have a dedicated room in my private home relaxing atmosphere with candles and soft music.i will invite you in to get comfortable and relax on my massage table,I will walk you through my practice and make you feel relaxed. I wil que you as to your breathing to coordinate my stretching and your natural relaxation of your body. I start at your feet and very gently and softly stretch you're muscles a little further than you would on you're own. NO it does not hurt at all I'm very gentle and will learn your body very quickly and take your muscles to you're limit but not beyond. My gives you many of the same benefits of a deep tissue massage but with more health benefits!!! I introduce fresh oxygen and blood into you're muscles flushing toxins and rejouvinating you're muscles. I have a long beard that sometimes I hide and sometimes it's out. I am clean but I do not use deodorant or cologne if that offends you im not the man to relax you. I'm a natural guy and generally perform my service naturally. I'm a kinda laid back guy with positive energy! I have a nursing and personal trainer back ground. I also have a dog if you're allergic to dogs