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The Massage Guy

The Massage Guy

111 Palm Canyon Road & Smoke Tree Lane
Palm Springs, CA

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Based in Southern Cali., I'm open to clients seeking a , custom, male massage experience. Frequently clients state , "You have great hands and " I'm confident in my abilities to bring enjoyment and physical well being through my intuitive massage techniques and .

is essential. It is required to quench the thirst of those who desire connection. Often over looked, but no less , it is a grounding force and one we all need for balance and to feel good. I let my Intuition guide my s and every one of them is as as the clients I share time with. It's all about feeling good, getting centered, shedding the negative and walking away lighter than you arrived.

Many of my clients are gay men, but I have a good portion of clients that fall under no 'label' and simply desire to feel good getting a relaxing massage without hang ups or predetermined categories to fall in. That's how I roll.

I invite you to take the time to enjoy a . If you think you might delight, I'm here. Thanks for reading my pitch! Come on, get !